Social Media Conversations

As I am entering the internship mania engrossing most college kids, I find myself going to interviews where social media is the highlight of interest for PR companies or companies expanding their PR practices. Last week I went to what I consider one of the best interviews.  This interview was different in the fact that it wasn’t the same hum-drum “tell me about yourself and qualities” format. No, this was much different. The person interviewing and I had a conversation solely about social media…for over an hour. We exchanged ideas, I presented my knowledge concerning different social media outlets, and eventually we began brainstorming for a specific client’s need for social media.

PR majors today are facing interviews and first time jobs where the predominant generations within the organization are relying on us to inform and educate them about the newest trends within PR, the biggest being social media. It is refreshing and intimidating at the same time to know that you can bring something completely new and different to the work evnvironment, but also that when questions are asked or problems arise, you’ll be the one they look to for answers and solutions.

Entering the work force today is challenging for many different reasons, but how intriguing it is to know that our generation is in the midst of cultural and organizational changes concerning social media outlets that we have experience and, to some degree, extensive knowledge of!


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